Object of real beauty, the leather creates distinctly stylish spaces
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Nextep Leathers puts its signature on the only real leather on gres porcelain tiles for floors and wall coverings.

The naturalness of the Nextep Leathers floors and wall coverings transforms any space into a hospitable place of wellbeing that is unique and extraordinarily delightful both to touch and to see.
The intimacy, tactility and multisensory sensations of leather “live” in floor and surface coverings, which follow Man on his path through life.
They are transformed over the years and are enriched by the marks of time, acquiring a precious “worn” feel which increases their appeal inside residences, hotels, offices and show rooms.
The leather surface is solidly bonded to the gres base, offering a mix of physical, aesthetic and performance characteristics which is unrivalled on the market.
It is reliable and safe, solid and compact, because it has been treated according to the dictates of the Pride tanning tradition: it’s natural-looking, soft to the touch and above all tread-resistant.

Extraordinary and unique tactile sensations reach deep into the soul: as if by magic, environments come alive, breathe, absorb sound and mature over time along with their inhabitants, creating environments of comfort and wellbeing for fresh new ways of living every day.