The most finely created works of art, handcrafted limited editions, for those who are passionate about refi ned taste.
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Luxury for exclusive living environments.

Pachamama is an exclusive project for design accessories in leather, hanging marvellously somewhere between art and design.
Extraordinary in the preciousness of materials and richness of decoration, they interpret leather’s most authentic nature, creating shapes, textures, styles and designs in a stylistic synthesis of different cultures.
Expert, able hands work on the most highly-treasured leathers, carefull selected by Pride. They cut, weave, overlay, stitch, embroider and decorate, creating unique, exclusive pieces, sometimes made-to-measure.
The naturalness of leather and artistic expression confirm that Pachamama is above all a new philosophy in the sphere of living spaces giving that unmistakable touch of warm class and originality; an immediate link to nature’s ancestral language.

Pachamama means Mother Earth in the Quechua language. She was a divinity venerated by the Incas and by other inhabitants of the Andean Plateau such as the Aymara and the Quechua. She is the goddess of the earth, agriculture and fertility.
“The Andean peoples believe Pachamama to be mother and dispenser of the nourishment necessary for life: she is eternal as she is the mother of time and space, she is cosmic because she is the mother of everyone and she is one because the earth is one in the immensity of the Universe”.